About the Association

The first Doncaster based youth jazz orchestra was formed 40 years ago. Four graded orchestras now exist – Doncaster Youth Stageband, Doncaster Youth Swing Orchestra, Doncaster Youth Jazz Orchestra and the Doncaster Jazz Orchestra.

The Association continues to work to promote through jazz education a feeling of community and a real appreciation of how much it means to create something as part of a team. There is something magical about the way in which a group of young people can be brought together with a common purpose and it never ceases to amaze as to how much they can accomplish when, with single-minded dedication, they apply themselves to projects set before them.

There is no substitute for the creativity, sensitivity, originality, self-discipline and emotional involvement provided by jazz orchestral participation. The best music programmes, on close examination, are usually the most diverse. Also, of all the arguments in support of a jazz curriculum, the sheer enjoyment provided for audiences and students is possibly the most valid.

We feel that all students should be given every opportunity for exposure to and involvement in all styles of music. In particular, those students who show exceptional musical talent should be provided an outlet to further develop their capabilities in a practical and realistic musical field. Jazz, swing and rock are valid art forms and offer a marketable vocation for many. Jazz is at the core of all modern and popular light music, so the professional musician of tomorrow needs to study the harmonic and rhythmic idioms of jazz today.