DJO is the Alumni and the professional level ensemble.

Most of the members are professional musicians who have a long standing relationship with DYJA.

Some are part-time professionals, some are teachers, some are students at universities and others are in totally unrelated forms of employment.

This ensemble reassembles for special concerts, events and tours.

Several of the current DJO members are specialist ‘in house’ instrumental teachers at the Centre, who tutor and prepare the younger members for examinations and ensemble involvement.

Others are enjoying individual success with their own music projects locally.

Past members who have chosen a career in music are in many cases the inspiration to so many.

They are dotted around the world, but the greater majority are honing their skills as professionals in London’s West End, in professional bands, in recording studios and in TV work.

Rehearsal: Sundays from 2:30pm to 6pm

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