DYSB is the beginner and training level and the largest of the four ensembles.

Young players are introduced to a wide variety of jazz styles via carefully selected graded orchestrations.

Stageband members usually develop a strong sense of individuality, independence and responsibility which is carried through to their membership in other ensembles.

Those who participate in a jazz orchestral programme such as this, gain strong reinforcement in the areas of sight-reading, rhythmic understanding, intonation, balance, blend and leadership through part independence.

These attributes benefit other areas of instrumental music making and indeed other curriculum subject areas.

Occasionally, guests are invited to direct the band, work with a particular section or tutor individuals.

Young instrumentalists who are interested in joining this large ensemble are invited along to listen and observe, then to sit-in when they feel ready

Rehearsals: Mondays from 7pm to 9:15pm


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