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Swing on a Summer’s Evening…

Life is all about the friendship and the love and the music. It sounds silly, but it is.” – Fiona Apple.

Who would have thought that this musical extravaganza now in its 22nd year could convey so much more than a collection of young people playing jazz?  “It’s always been about giving young people the opportunity to discover themselves as well as other young people from other cultures, and different life experiences” says John Ellis MBE. The music they play, the instruments they share and the week they spend in one another’s company whether here in Doncaster or in a partner town in Europe such as Herten gives these talented young musicians a sense of friendship that underpins a fierce passion for the music they play together.  Seeing as this is the 22nd and un-interrupted year of this musical tour de force they can’t be going far wrong.

This year’s Swing on a Summer’s Evening line-up will prove no different.  Dennis Rollins is set to join Thomas Vennes with the talented EKS Big Swing Band and our very own John Ellis MBE on stage.  Here at HQ preparations are underway with local schools and CAST to put together a week that represents the launch of the summer season and is the highlight of many people’s calendar.

We are so proud of these talented musicians that need to be seen – and heard – to be believed. An exhilarating and foot –tapping programme, plus a whole lot of fun is guaranteed with swing, blues, ballads, latin, samba, rock, funk, fusion, popular vocals, and straight ahead jazz, plus a sprinkling of surprise guests!

To buy tickets for this event, head over to CAST.

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