Improving your jazz Improv!

Type “Jazz Improvisation” into your search engine and you get “making up new melodic solo lines or accompaniment parts. Improvisation is composing on the spot” (Wikipedia). You can just about smell the fear of competent young musicians wanting to cross over into the Jazz genre and bumping up against improvisation as a reason not to!  Running

DYJA and Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation working together for 2017!

Doncaster Youth Jazz Association are excited to be delivering some of it’s 2017 music educational programme in partnership with the Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation. From January 2017 we have a host of new projects planned that are designed to get the Yorkshire region’s young jazz musicians engaged in music.  Look out for “Trombones on the

Are you brave enough to “cross over” into the jazz genre?

When it comes to the world of jazz we have often encountered sharp intakes of breath from experienced, classically trained musicians. Recently, one jovially remarked that it would be like “crossing over into the dark side,” not quite understanding the types of jazz on offer and the palm sweating arena of musical performance. For certain,


Between the 16th – 18th September 2016 DYJA, in partnership with Doncaster Music Education Hub, will be welcoming NYJO for a weekend of Jazz education across the region.

Snake Davis Live

What do Jonathan Ross, M-People, Ray Charles, Tom Jones, George Michael, Take That, and Doncaster Youth Jazz Association have in common? Snake Davis…